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[Update 10.9.2013] - v1.3 has been uploaded. It just fixes some typos and weird language here and there (if you find other things, let me know!)

[Update 10.4.2013] - Check out the official trailer!…

[Update 8.12.2013] - v1.2 is here! A lot of things were changed in the stats, and especially in the ranking at the end.


Hey gang! It's been a while, hasn't it? If you were wondering why I haven't been posting a lot lately it's because I've been busy making a game! And it's free! Wooooooot!

D1k 00 by LeSam

D1k 01 by LeSamD1k 02 by LeSamD1k 04 by LeSam

Genre : arcade-adventure hybrid
Playtime : 1-2 min per game
Tools used : Twine, Art Weaver Pro
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

You are 1000ft high in the sky, free-falling without a parachute  - will you survive the impact? Each action you take gets you one second closer to the ground. Try to control your speed, where you land, how you land and -more importantly- don't panic!

Download from (37.9 MB)
Download from MediaFire (37.9 MB)


Okay, so, that took me two whole months to make. Was it worth it? You tell me! Anyway, there's more than +500 drawing (okay, a lot are left-right variations) worth from me in there, so if you like what I do here, go check it out NOW! =P

And it's actually kind of funny that it took me that much time, because the game in itself took me maybe only three days to make. The two months were just for the drawing part mostly (and also balancing and adding some new features here and there).

The scripting was all made in Twine (and just one tiny bit of Javascript for the inventory), a fantastic software that I encourage you to try out right now because you can do a lot more with it than I originally suspected. This game actually started as just a little test to see what could be done with Twine, and then I discovered you could actually mimic loops and such so I decided to push it further and voilà! A strange hybrid of a game. Twine can be downloaded for free here : and I encourage you to read Anna Anthropy's superb tutorial :

Seriously, go try it out! You can do so much more than interactive stories with it - your only limit is your imagination!

Speaking of Twine, originally it was supposed to be a browser game (like all Twine games) but because it has to load 40MB of images it takes too much time to open, so I decided to go the zip file way instead.

Anyway, the game: I don't know what you'll think of it. Some of my friends kinda liked it, some thought it used too much luck - I don't know. At times, I kind of like it as it is, but then there's still things bugging me... Meh. I might change some little details here and there.

Also : physics in a Twine game! WHAT! (however, if you really go deep into it, it's not very realistic - you normally shouldn't be able to change your speed with your position if you haven't reached terminal velocity (and from 1000ft you can't reach it - or barely).  But, yeah, here it's possible... It made sense in a game space, I think...)

Also : is it too hard? I like hard games. I like hard games when it makes sense why it's hard - for this particular game I'm not sure I achieved that. Here, it's hard mostly because at first you don't know what to do - which I think it's okay, you should conquer any hard game, it's part of the challenge. But then - once you know every nook and cranny - it still is hard (that's good) but mostly from the randomness (that... can be frustrating). So, I don't know. At least, the randomness isn't that bad - I can win all games in the Beginner difficulty, no problem. But in the Normal one, sometimes it's just impossible :/ Heh, I don't know. I'll probably modify some things once I get more feedback.

Oh, and here's some tips for figuring out how to get an A : 0 stress, 'slow' speed, one of the six good landing spots, and landing in the good position ;)

Finally, anyone got the 6 secret endings, and the 5 special endings?


I'm still debugging the thing, searching for all the rough parts - so, if you find bugs, or spelling/grammar mistakes (and there's probably a lot left) please notify me! You can do that here in dA or by mail here : lesammakesgames (at) gmail (dot) com

Want to tell me the game sucks, that you have a new idea for a cool combination between objects, that you made some fanart or whatever? Feel free to let me know! ;)

Reception :

(I'll post links for your good or bad review/blog post/youtube vlog/whatever here if you send it to me!)

- article on :…
- featured on :…
- article on :… and…
- brazilian (!) article by on :…
- article on :…
- iranian* (!!) article on : (*I think)
- another brazilian article (!) on :…
- korean article on :
- featured on :…
- Check out this awesome fake NES boxart my brother :icontheeyzmaster: did! Death from a 1000ft fall Cover by theEyZmaster It's pretty dope!
- a very cool 'Let's Play' video by IHeartGaming :
- another Let's play on Youtube by MuhGray :… (and btw, I'm trying to fix the typos X( )
- and another Let's play by NGC :…


Bowser81889 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds awesome dude. :) If I ever get a chance I'll look into it.
DKSRealityDeathMaze Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
This sounds super kool. I'll have to look at it when I get the chance. :) And thanks for the fav!
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